AFC Safety and Technology


Transportation, safety is always our number one priority. From rigorous personnel training to maintaining the latest technology in all the equipment we use, our business is dedicated to the safety and well-being of our clients. We use state of the art equipment in all our vehicles to ensure your safety, such as GPS tracking and DriveCam technology, while our data backup systems and rigorous electronic security keep client records private and secure. AFC Transportation is proud to be a leader in transportation safety for charter, transit and limousine transportation services.

Chauffeur Training

Safety begins with thorough training. All our professional vehicle chauffeurs undergo a rigorous safety training and certification process before driving AFC Transportation vehicles. Our chauffeurs are instructed by certified trainers, and AFC Transportation holds its own safety certifications and regular third party audits as well, demonstrating a commitment to safety at both company and employee level. Additionally, all our drivers must successfully complete a defensive driving course sponsored by the National Safety Councils.

sure complete satisfaction with our vehicles and service, surveys are offered to our customers upon pick-up, allowing passengers to rate driver performance, punctuality and service. Your input is valuable to us. Not only are our chauffeurs trained to handle emergencies and driving challenges on the road, but they are trained for medical emergencies as well. Each of our transportation professionals is certified in first aid and CPR, ensuring that when you travel with AFC Transportation, your in good handsVehicle Safety

Technological advancements in Omatics GPS tracking and remote video technology have made it possible to monitor and protect customer safety down to the smallest detail. Each of our vehicles is equipped with a GPS tracking device which remains closely monitored at our central location, where we take note not only of vehicle location and turn-for-turn route information, but also speed, idle and even wheelchair lift deployment.


DriveCam technology enables us to visually monitor driver performance as well as conditions surrounding the vehicle. Each of our vehicles DriveCam allows audio and visual recording of events such as hard cornering, hard braking, fast acceleration, rough surface and collisions. This footage serves to not only ascertain the cause of a potential accident, but as positive training material for our drivers. Weve partnered with a third party organization which specializes in viewing DriveCam events and recommending future techniques which would help improve or avoid certain situations. Thanks to the DriveCam installed in each of our vehicles, we are able to continually monitor and improve the performance of our chauffeurs.

Additionally, our vehicles are equipped with 3 point seat belts and are constantly maintained to meet the highest standards in transportation safety.

Data Backup and Security

The security of our customers transaction history and private data is equally as important to us as their physical safety. Our facility and electronic files are equipped with a complete disaster recovery system to ensure that we are able to maintain our passengers safety even in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. In the event of a power outage, AFC Transportation would be able to redirect all communication between our vehicles and our facility to a backup location and cell phones, allowing us to maintain seamless communication, while essential equipment would be powered by our backup power source.

To protect our data from fires or other forms of physical destruction, our server data is constantly backed up to a remote server location. All our client information is tracked by a state of the art

Unified Livery System (ULS), which creates custom reports for our clientelle and ensures the confidentiality of our customers information. Contact AFC Transportation today, or make a reservation online to experience our state-of-the-art transportation safety and technology.